Required Reading, a new podcast

Adult homework, ungraded.

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Required Reading, a new furry podcast and live stream

Required Reading is a podcast and live stream about current events, and how they impact us as hosts, as well as the furry fandom at large. Featuring: Pepper Coyote, Xander the Blue, and myself, Draggor. Below is the schedule of known upcomming events, though it’s best to follow us on twitter to get the most up to date announcements and details.

Haven’t y’all been doing this already?

As far as debate watching is concerned, yes, and that’s what we’re going to be doing this Tuesday, Semptember 29 for the first 2020 Presidential Debate. Outside of that, our intention is to have episodes that aren’t directly tied to a debate or live streamed event.

What if I don’t want to follow this blog?

Then you might want to click here, then bookmark the Required Reading page