DooM Ep 16, Mode: Last Man Standing

This time with less instafrag lightning gun

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"DOOM" by no.thisispatrick is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Get DooMed Sunday, August 16, at 5pm central!

This Sunday we’re not having a guest, and instead are going to be experimenting with a few different game modes in preparation for the DooM Tournament that will take place over virtual Indy Fur Con weekend, August 28-30! We’ll be trying Last Man Standing, Possession, and maybe others!

Additional File

AeonDM Maps

If you’re downloading the bundle, it’s included. You can also just download the file when prompted when joining the server.

Last Man Standing

Each player will spawn with a set number of lives, usually between 5 and 10, and will keep playing until there’s only one player left. That person is the winner of the round, and usually 2 or 3 round wins will make you winner of the match. Traditionally this is done with a full loadout of weapons, but we’ll be toying with that, including doing an instagib (1 shot railgun hits) version.


This is a nifty game mode where in the level, a special pickup will spawn. Whoever gets it has unlimited Quad Damage, however their stats deplete quickly! Frag the carrier to earn 10 frags on your score, or, if as the possessed, you frag yourself, you lose 10.

Want to join?

Head on over to for files and details on how to play with us.