IFC 2020 DooM Tournament

This is a tournament that will be held over virtual IFC weekend, August 28 - 30.

Sign up here

What’s it going to be like?

This will be a friendly tournament, the prizes of which are Steam Keys for Unreal Tournament 1999!

We’ll be playing rounds of Last Man Standing, instagib, and general deathmatch, both with Quake Champions: Doom Edition, as well as more vanilla mods.


The specific rules will be announced once we know how many people have signed up, but, roughly:

  1. Groups of 8 will play between 1 and 3 rounds of Doom.
  2. Points will be awarded for first place through fourth: 6, 4, 2, 1 points respectively
  3. The top 4 scoring players of each round will advance to the semifinals.
  4. The finals will be live streamed on Sunday, August 30 at 6pm Eastern.

Afterwards, the winners and announcers will have some casual matches while we talk about the virtual weekend, and we might even get some special drop in guests from IFC itself!

What do I need to play?

Go here to get the files necessary to participate