DooM Ep 58 with Buu342

Creator of DoomWare

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Get DooMed Sunday, August 1, 5pm central, with Buu342!

Buu342 is the author of a mod we’ve been playing on and off over the months: DoomWare! The best bet is to check out the trailer above, but in short, it’s fast paced WarioWare style minigames, but in Doom and multiplayer. Click here for the instructions page about how to play DoomWare.

Where to watch?

Live at:

You want to play: Instructions

  1. Download the main files here
  2. Unzip it
  3. Go to the folder, then go into the Doomseeker folder.
  4. Run doomseeker-portable.bat
  5. Once Doomseeker is open, search for Draggor in the upper right to find the server.
  6. Double click it to join. If you’re prompted to download files, click okay/say yes.
  7. Optional: Click here to join The Dragget Show Discord server