Unreal Tournament Guide

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Unreal Tournament with Xander, Sunday October 18

3pm pacific / 5pm central / 6pm eastern / Midnight central european

In a fun change of pace, we’re going to be playing Unreal Tournament this Sunday in place of DooM! We’ll be gathering on The Dragget Show Discord server so hang out there, otherwise you can search for my server by Draggor or entering dracolair.net as the server location.

Unreal Tournament Guide

Whether you have the game through Steam, Good Old Games, or other, first time running the game will have some things to do:

Game Settings

Player Settings

Connecting to the game

Once the server is live and running, do the following:

Gametypes to expect

We’re going to be playing two modes primarily

Capture the Flag, with mods!

We’re going to start with playing Unreal Tournament’s version of Capture the Flag with the following mods:


This is an asymmetrical team game that is goal oriented. One team has to defend, and the other has to try to get past the defenses to accomplish various goals, specific to each map. Each map starts with a 10 minute timer, and if the offensive team succeeds, the map will reload with the teams swapped. The previous defending team is now on the offensive, but only has as much time as it took the other team to win.