What's Next? A couple things actually!

Prior commitments, new projects, and more

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A Quick Recap

As I posted on twitter, Anthrocon 2022 was the last time I ran Charity Whose Lion Is It Anyway? and that I am taking an indefinite hiatus from not only that show, but all stage performances, recordings, podcasts, etc. I have been dealing with various forms of stage fright and anxiety that manifests as stomach troubles, and between BLFC 2022 and AC 2022, I lost a lot of con time to “being sick”. Until I can get that under control, it very much is time to step back and remove stress.

So I’m Doing A Wrestling Show…

Okay so, last year, before all of this went down, I won a co-host charity auction slot to the Bryan & Vinny youtube/twitch wrestling review show. I accidentally fell through the cracks, and never got to fulfill that win, and after reaching out and scheduling, I am going to do it! This is a one off and is fun for me, though as always, I do hope others enjoy it. If anyone is curious, I intend to be the guest for the AEW Full Gear 2022 review show.

New Projects!

Before my parents moved from the midwest to Arizona, I bought my Dad’s old 1990 base model Corvette from him. While it got a lot of use in its earlyl years, the last 14 especially, it sat, and suffered. With a crazy amount of help, patience, and education from Axel and some other friends, this car is running smooth, and well, so much so I even took it to and from Basement Con this year! I’ve been having a blast getting my hands dirty and doing this, and thus, a new hobby is born. I expect to try and add posts more regularly here about ongoing and upcoming vehicular projects, and who knows, there might be a video component to it.


I’ll actually be at MFF this year, and hopefully, if things go right, I’ll have a new Imp suit to prowl around in. Fingers crossed that I also get to make a proper announcement for my brother’s game! But not yet, still have more website work to do. Aside from dayjob, that is the biggest thing taking time right now: setting that up for a successful launch.